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About KFocus

Created and maintained by Jeffrey Yu

It's 4pm. You're sitting in your office and you've just completed the first half of an assignment due tomorrow. You sit back and think about what to do next. You've been concentrating hard for the last three hours, though, and your mind draws a blank. Oh well, you think, and you reach for your web browser.

That's when KFocus kicks in. Instead of opening that web browser and cycling through the same six websites for the next two hours, you click on the KFocus button. Everything comes flooding back when you see your project page. You map out your plan for the next three hours and you're home by 8. Your significant other is delighted to see you.

Six months later, you're sitting in your boss's office. He says to you, "Underling, I have your goal sheet for the period here in front of me. What have you accomplished since your last evaluation?"

Your face contorts as you think on your feet. I hate this. I've got five things on that sheet and I only got through two of them. I can't remember what ate up my time, either. Hell, I don't even know what I had for lunch yesterday. I hope Boss-of-Me doesn't ask. Five seconds later, you look your boss in the eye and say, "I finished the first two, Captain, but our partners held up the others."

"Your were supposed to finish the first two goals in two months. How do you account for the remaining four months?"

You hesitate a moment, but then it hits you, in the contorted face.

"I didn't get a chance to update the sheet, but I was busy the entire time. Since I logged everything on KFocus, I should have it all right here. There it is. I spent two months with McKinley helping her out with her sprocket project. I also integrated Smith's doodad for him. That took a month. And Rose's testing group needed a few extra hands back in April. That one was tough. After that, I..."

KFocus saves the day! Twice! Download this amazing program now and experience the ultimate power that is KFocus.

What exactly is KFocus?

Seriously, KFocus is a project management program I cooked up for my personal use. It's lightweight, but does support:

Now, you may be muttering to yourself, "There are lots of time and project management programs out there. Why should I use this one?"

My answer is, "Because you want to." The program is free and under GPL, so stop muttering to yourself and check it out for yourself, or go look at the documentation. You'll need the KDE and Qt libraries installed to run it. If you like it, use it as often as you like. If not, the exit is to your left. KFocus does what I want and the others don't. That's why I use it.

Future Plans

That said, I do have plans to improve the program. On the roadmap are:

The code is on SourceForge. Drop me an email if you want to help, have a feature request, or simply want to ask a question.

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